Copy of games


I’ve been involved in a number of game projects in the amazing Interactive Media and Games Department at USC. Here is a video portfolio with in-game footage of some of the games I’ve worked on:

Check out more details on the games below and click on the links to play some games!

Shepard Apocalypse still 3

Shepherd Apocalypse – Lead your sheep to safety while avoiding volcanic debris in this frantic 2D platformer hand crafted out of felt. Play it here:


D-Bug: Your beloved handheld system, Button, has become infested with bugs! Debug him from the inside out using swap-able control schemes on the iPad in this 2D platformer. Check out the blog here:

Rehearsals and Returns – Have you ever wanted to talk to people from your past or famous people who have passed away? What would you say to them? I was the sole artist on this abstract 2D platformer by USC Assistant Professor Peter Brinson. Download it here: Rehearsals and Returns


Fat Loot– Collect some fat loot in this stealth multiplayer party game. I was a 3D character modeler and animator on this student made USC Gamepipe Advance Games production. Here is the official game website:

Running from Nightmares – Run from your worst nightmare in this randomly generated audio maze. I designed, programmed and animated this randomly generated audio maze using Adobe Flash. I wanted to capture the claustrophobic feeling of running in a nightmare where it feels like you can never run fast enough. This game won Best in Show at the USC MEGA Game-Jamathon. Play it here: Running from Nightmares

I Have a Heart – I was the animator and background artist for this game which won best in show and best animation at the Global Game-Jam where small teams compete by creating a game over the course of 48 hours. Play it here: I Have a Heart

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